Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Girl Scout Field Trip

On Fall Break, our Girl Scout troop took a field trip. First we went to Walmart to finish our photo badge. We learned about cameras and how to develop film and make copies. Then we went to the small animal hospital. We took a tour of all the rooms, and got to scrub-in and see an x-ray! We saw a lot of cute dogs and a few kittens. After visiting the animal hospital, we went to eat our sack lunches. Then we went to Scrap Booking Galore. We learned how to scrap book clothes pins and made two scrap booking pages. This was a lot of fun and I think I might have a new hobby. Last but not least, we went to Pet-Co, where we took a tour and saw different kinds of animals. We learned about there habitats and what food they like to eat. I LOVE Girl Scouting!

- Hannah, Girl Scout Junior

I went horseback riding!

A couple weeks ago our Girl Scout troop went horseback riding. We went on a long trail at Camp Tallchief Girl Scout camp. We all got a horse assigned to us and off we went. Our instructors taught us the ropes. We all had a blast! Just thought you would like to know this little tale, so stay in Girl Scouts and in 4th grade you to can ride too!

- Hannah, Girl Scout Junior

PR Stars BLOG!

At the first PR Stars event of the year, girls learned interviewing techniques with a Tulsa World reporter, posed for a few pictures and shared their thoughts on the first Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma BLOG! Girl Scouts are definitely connected! Here is what the girls had to say....

What do you like about Girl Scouting?

I like helping people and making crafts. - Haley

I like to go camping. - Hailee

I like to go paddle boating and camping. - Kayley

I like taking field trips. I liked it when my troop went to Reasor's because we got roses. - Mallory

I like camping and earning patches. - Brianna

I like 500 Club. - Tatianna

I like camping, fishing and canoeing. - Bonni

I like making things. - -Anna

I like going to camp and roasting s'mores. - Brooklyn

I like selling cookies. I also like getting prizes and sharing them with my sister. - Sienna

I LOVE TO write, play soccer and play tackle football. - Naomi

I like selling cookies and doing community service at the Laura Dester shelter. - Josephine

I like Camp. - Amanda

My favorite thing about Girl Scouts is the crafts - Tatum

My favorite thing about being a girl scout is selling cookies. I also like it when my troop helps younger troops. - Elizabeth

My favorite thing about Girl Scouts is going to fun places and helping the environment (going green). - Chrissy

Last year, I was a junior. I finished my Bronze award which was to help the Humane Society. We made cat and dog treats, walked dogs, petted the animals, and collected items from people in our neighborhoods. We had a lot of fun planning it. My favorite part was making the pet treats because we played around and I like to cook. - Emily