Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Girl Scout Field Trip

On Fall Break, our Girl Scout troop took a field trip. First we went to Walmart to finish our photo badge. We learned about cameras and how to develop film and make copies. Then we went to the small animal hospital. We took a tour of all the rooms, and got to scrub-in and see an x-ray! We saw a lot of cute dogs and a few kittens. After visiting the animal hospital, we went to eat our sack lunches. Then we went to Scrap Booking Galore. We learned how to scrap book clothes pins and made two scrap booking pages. This was a lot of fun and I think I might have a new hobby. Last but not least, we went to Pet-Co, where we took a tour and saw different kinds of animals. We learned about there habitats and what food they like to eat. I LOVE Girl Scouting!

- Hannah, Girl Scout Junior

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