Saturday, January 10, 2009

PR Stars Talk with Channel 2

Josephine and Rachael are interviewed by KJRH Channel 2 reporter, Beth Burnett. Rachael (in the tan vest) is a veteran Girl Scout and cookie seller and told about all the things she has been able and places their troop has traveled because of selling cookies. Josephine is a good bit younger, so I was glad she got to hear about all the things Rachael has been able to do.

When asked by Beth why she joined PR Stars, Josehpine (in the green vest), she said it was to learn how to talk in front of people better and not be nervous. Did she accomplish this? Yes, was the confident answer. But what I loved most were her words of wisdom when Beth asked if she had any advice ... "Hang loose. And relax." Beth smiled and said she was going to use that, too.

Later in the interview, Josophine followed her two steps to confidence with another two-step power house. Beth asked what the secret was to selling so many cookies. Josephine's answer? "Just smile ... and ask."
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